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Working closely with the police force and policing security forums to assist in creating a safer community for you, Mzansi Securifire is passionate about your safety and our country’s safety.

Mzansi’s imagery intelligence surveillance systems are designed to monitor the communities. These systems are highly visible throughout the day and night and serves as a deterrent to potential criminals.

MIINT records 24/7 and allows control centre operators to log into the surveillance system and conduct virtual patrols of our communities.


  • High visibility
  • Additional security layer
  • Deterrent for crime
  • 24/7 footage

The aim of the department is to assess an area and identify the crime problems and weakness within the area and propose a unique cost effective solution that helps with the eradication of crime. The SOS division works closely with the police force and policing security forum to create a safer place for you and your family. Many of our SOS communities adopt a phased approach, which may include a 12 / 24 hour dedicated vehicle, patrols or a combination of services.
The main benefit is a significant reduction in contact and property crime.


Our Mzansi Safe Zones each have a dedicated vehicle that patrols the designated footprint 24 hours a day. These vehicles have resulted in significantly minimizing crime within the communities they service.

A combination of high visibility, crime prevention initiatives & patrolling from the dedicated vehicle and the proactive nature of the dedicated vehicle and our reaction team proves that community policing works. Operating within a specific footprint, the armed reaction officers expertly monitor the area and when in need, the vehicle ensures that our clients have peace of mind.


ANPR cameras (Automated Number Plate Recognition) provide a smart preventative crime fighting solution across the residential and commercial sector.  These high technology, smart cameras read the number plates of the vehicles driving through a designated area and automatically references it to a database of case registered vehicles, flagging any cars that would’ve been reported as stolen, hijacked or wanted. If confirmed positive, the system instantly circulates a high alert notification The seamless speed of the process enables Mzansi to swiftly to respond to the scene and act upon the information received.

Erecting ANPR cameras in an area also increases visibility and the general safety and security for everyone working, living and commuting through the neighbourhood. Our Clients benefit from the additional layer of security that acts as a strong barrier against criminals who usually rely on stolen or wanted vehicles to carry out their crimes.

The cameras block the movement of criminals who can no longer travel carefree through a suburb undetected by the police.

ANPR cameras have proven to be a highly valuable crime fighting tool, leading to the arrest of dangerous, wanted criminals and the identification and recovery of hijacked and stolen vehicles.


PHYSICAL SOLUTIONS—Static guarding is one of our expert fields. We can provide around the clock security for your premises, office blocks, industrial estates, factories, hospitals, schools, warehouses and building sites. All our security officers are fully trained, vetted, uniformed, and hold a PSIRA certificate. They can be utilised as commercial officers to protect staff, stock and premises or front of house to assist your customers or staff


ESTATE LIVING AND COMMERCIAL DENSITY SOLUTIONS—Few estate residents want to allow all their visitors access to their residents all of the time. That’s why more and more are using electronic access control to limit visitors access. Access control is the only technology that proactively attempts to keep unauthorised individuals out of an estate or areas within a complex.


Our tactical task team is a group of specialized and highly trained individuals who partake in crime prevention initiatives within our areas of operation, they deal with very dangerous situations. Tactical Response Units are positioned geographically according to crime statistics.


Close Protection—Sometimes it’s necessary to have close protection whether located or travelling domestically or internationally. Our highly trained officers protect clients, and families, paying close attention to every security threat. We operate discretely to suit the operational environment and client status, which gives them confidence to continue with daily activities, safe in the knowledge that protection is permanently there. Our job is to reduce those risks, both specific and nonspecific with planning and awareness, avoiding rather than dealing, but knowing what to do if things do go wrong, however small, however complicated or intimidating.


Each street panic pole is erected with a panic kit attached. Each residence will have a one button remote attached to the system. When panic activates, the siren starts and the strobe light begins to flash. This serves as a deterrent for crime/criminals as the vehicle will also respond to the pole