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Business related crime is on the rise in South Africa. Let us develop the ultimate business security solution for you, ensuring your business is prepared for any potential danger.
Monitoring and Armed Response

Mzansi SecuriFire owns an extensive fleet of armed response vehicles that are manned by our very own trained reaction officers. Our vehicles are all fitted wth GPS tracking. This allows us to monitor their position and dispatch the closest response vehicles to any call out or emergency. With continual ongoing training, in order to be employed, the response officers are well educated on how to handle emergency situations. Every vehicle has radio contact with our control-room receiving and sending critical information pertaining to alarm activations and other incidents throughout our patrol areas.


We offer the latest generation of industry leading security systems that offer powerful advances in video management, smart card applications, biometric integration and open IT systems.
Access control systems cater for virtually an unlimited number of users, with proximity cards, uniquely encoded keyring tags or biometrics.


Mzansi offers a programmable, software-based fire protection system which provides early warning of fire or smoke. In addition, automatic checking of wiring and sensors, corrupt data detection and disconnection of faulty zones is supported. Adjustable sensitivity, alarm verification and pre-alarm provide early warning without causing false alarms and built-in diagnostics improve the level of maintenance-reducing costs.


CCTV is a highly advanced and extremely important security tool. The presence of CCTV has the ability to reduce crime and a proper, legitimate system will reduce man power costs and improve efficiencies.


Electric fencing is the underdog of crime prevention measures that can be employed. It consists of a varying number of strands of electric wires, which carry high-voltage electric pulses. If the electric fence is touched, it delivers a non-lethal but extremely powerful shock to any intruder. Electric fences are regulated by municipal bylaws and we install ours in strict adherence to these regulations, to ensure they keep property & assets safe and to keep criminals out.

If you have electric fencing on your perimeter, it should be zoned and connected to your business security system so that any tampering on the fence line will result in an alarm activation.
Benefits of choosing an electric fence as a layer to your security:
•       A physical barrier
•       A psychological barrier
•       An early detection system


Tactical Response Units are positioned geographically according to crime statistics.


Our Smart Solution enables you to create an easily controllable environment, directly through your smartphone, from wherever you are.

Turning your house into a smart home has become a necessity and this personalized solution is easy-to-use. You are able to  control your security, appliances, entryways etc. Arm or disarm your alarm system remotely, open or close your driveway gate or garage door with the tap of a button, and even save energy by controlling your lights or geyser directly from the mobile app.
But even more than the comfort of convenience, Our smart solutions offer a sense of peace of mind. Receive video footage automatically recorded by your CCTV cameras when one of your security devices are triggered, or open the app and view real time footage check in with the kids.


This is the ideal perimeter protection for business and homes, providing peace of mind by giving you an early warning well before intruders gain access to the building.
Barrier protection can take the form of outdoor detectors- weatherproof infrared detectors, mounted on building walls to detect movement. Point to point beams – supplied in pairs, transmitter & receiver which send an invisible continual pulsed beam and strip beams – 4 strips of receivers and transmitters that detect movement and send an alarm signal.


Boom Gates are the simplest, yet effective automated barrier used today. They consist of a long arm that lowers automatically to block the path of oncoming traffic. To raise the arm of the boom gate, the driver of the vehicle must present a pass, enter a code, pay a toll or wait for recognition before it is safe for them to proceed. Typically, an electric motor raises and lowers the arm, while a sensor or security access system controls the motor operation.


Off-Site Monitoring has both commercial and residential capabilities.
You are able to monitor your current system, however in some cases it may require a system upgrade to make use of our complimentary in-house system analytics of your CCTV system.
Alternatively, a strategically planned system could be installed by one of our recommended companies. Once the CCTV system is live, monitoring is immediate. Both monthly or annual contracts are available.
With the aid of Artificial Intelligence we are able to greatly improve analysis and eliminate observation fatigue.


PHYSICAL SOLUTIONS—Static guarding is one of our expert fields. We can provide around the clock security for your premises, office blocks, industrial estates, factories, hospitals, schools, warehouses and building sites. All our security officers are fully trained, vetted, uniformed, and hold a PSIRA certificate. They can be utilised as commercial officers to protect staff, stock and premises or front of house to assist your customers or staff.


Special non-lethal firearms, body armour and equipment are utilised for this operation. During student unrest, a Joint Operation Centre is set up where all planning and decision making takes place. This JOC is manned by key operational personnel from the Customer, Contractor, SAPS,CCU and Metro Police.


Sometimes it’s necessary to have close protection whether located or travelling domestically or internationally. Our highly trained officers protect clients, and families, paying close attention to every security threat. We operate discretely to suit the operational environment and client status, which gives them confidence to continue with daily activities, safe in the knowledge that protection is permanently there. Our job is to reduce those risks, both specific and nonspecific with planning and awareness, avoiding rather than dealing, but knowing what to do if things do go wrong, however small, however complicated or intimidating.


Security Fog comes from the inspiration to confront criminals whilst protecting people and property. This is an attempt to prevent crime to achieve a peaceful result to an intrusive situation. If something is harder to steal as it is hidden, this removes the opportunity for potential losses. Smokescreen hides the goods you value most and stops the threat of loss immediately and effectively.  Criminals are left with little option, but to leave, ending the potential crime in seconds. The harmless smoke clears, and the threat is eliminated, leaving no residue and the least amount of disruption to the premises or goods.


This is a security system that “attacks” intruders with a spray of non-harmful, but “repulsive and irritating” pepper gas the second the passive sensor detects movement in a room. The purpose of the pepper spray alarm is to prevent the criminal from stealing anything or at the very least minimize the quantity of goods the robbers got away with.The unit was designed to stop the smash and grab (theft) in those few minutes it takes the armed response company to respond.